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With the proper rubber lining/ FRP, a tank or pipe can be fortified to withstand abrasive and corrosive service conditions. FRP & Rubber compounds are engineered for chemical resistance to protect your tanks from a variety of acids and oxidizing agents. Abtrex carefully considers temperature, chemical composition and concentration of the materials being conveyed to determine the best compound for your rubber tank lining application.

Applications of FRP/ Rubber lining Tanks :

  • Waste Treatment, Reclamation and Recycling
  • Power Generation
  • Metal Finishing (including electroplating, anodising, pickling, vibratory finishing, and shot blasting)
  • Materials Handling
  • Oil and Gas
  • Food and Beverages
  • Manufacturing and Processing
  • Civil Engineering
  • Marine Industry

How to chose the right Lining

When choosing a lining, consider several factors, including how well it will protect your vessel or storage tank while providing a level of safety for technicians and others responsible for the corrosive material. Mark Controls offers solutions for a variety of industries and takes each application's unique challenges into account.

Mark Controls evaluates the known variables in each lining project. Our experienced team will work with you to identify which lining is best for your application. Before recommending a rubber lining solution, we fully assess the role of the vessel you need to protect from corrosion and/or abrasion. Listed below are factors we weigh to offer you the highest quality lining product.

What are you protecting

It's no surprise that the first question asked is, "What kind of equipment are you protecting?" Others include, "Is your vessel storing a corrosive chemical or transporting it?" and most importantly, "What material makes up the storage container or vessel?"

The answers to these questions can help narrow down the choices for tank linings that Mark Controls can offer for a long-lasting solution.

What are you storing

The kind of chemical you are storing or transporting is an important factor in selecting the correct lining solution. Other influences, such as the chemical concentration, whether oils and solvents are present, and temperatures should be considered. For example for hydrochloric acid which is a highly corrosive material, an amber, soft, high-quality pure gum natural rubber lining, is designed exclusively for concentrated HCl service. No matter the chemical, we have a lining solution that works.

Abrasion Exposure

We must also consider whether the liner will be exposed to abrasions. There are two types of abrasion that may occur, impingement and sliding. Impingement occurs when particles impact the lining at or near 90° angles. Sliding abrasions happen when solids in the commodity run across the lining in a more parallel fashion. Factors like whether the abrasive particles are wet or dry and what percentage of the solution is comprised of solids should also be considered when picking the right lining solution.

Temperature and Pressures

Two other service conditions that impact your lining are temperature and pressures. When dealing with corrosive or volatile substances, managing minimum and maximum temperatures is vital to keep a stable environment. In many industries, such as the water treatment sector, operating pressure is also an important consideration. Mark Controls offers high-pressure lining applications to meet the needs of these industries.


The environment is the final factor Mark Controls considers when helping companies select the ideal lining for a specific service. Where is the vessel or containment equipment located and will it be in direct sunlight? Location gives our team insights to the area's weather conditions and potentially damaging elements, such as salt, sand, wind and humidity. Transportation vessels also require special considerations.

No matter the level of complexity in a situation, Mark Controls is here to help. We'll work with you to find the right rubber lining solution for your specific application.