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Commercial or Industrial Water Softening Systems are complex and intricate machines built to deliver water as per specefic requirements of the Industry. The water softeners are usually coupled with Sand Media High Pressure Filters and Activated Carbon Filters based on the requirement of that particular industry. Providing the desired quality of water is imperative to ensure a smooth running of all other operations. Hence skilled and trained hands are required to analyse the defect scientifically first and then provide proper rectification with correct tools and guages.

Our experienced service technicians will be there for you, whether you need service and repair or a preventative maintenance and performance checkup.

By choosing a qualified, certified, and experienced water system expert, the chances of your enjoying long-term happiness with your entire water softener system will increase significantly. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that our Technician will address your system problems in full, to your complete satisfaction.

Mark Controls has certified staff ready with a wide variety of professional repair and modification services available. Our technicians are very experienced and provide a range of services.

Every water supply, and the quality of the water it contains, is different. Each system is a specially designed water filtration system that provides a softeneing and filtration solution to address the specific impurities and issues in your problem water.

Almost all Services related to Water Softener Systems are offered by Mark Controls :

1. Water Softener Recharge

Units are recharged using salt depending upon the size of the Softener vessel and hardness of water.

2. Annual Maintenance Contract ( AMC )

Mark Controls takes over the entire functioning of the unit for complete year which will include 4 mandatory visits , attending of any complaints during the year and replacement or rectification of any parts if required.

An AMC is taken after complete inspection of the unit to check that the system is in perfect working condition.

3. Annual Regeneration Contract

The company takes the responsibility for complete regeneration of the system on a periodic basis based on the vessel size, hardness of water and frequency of regeneration. The contract includes the salt which shall be brought by the Technician everytime for regenerating the equipment.

4. Determining the Regeneration cycle

Based on the hardness of feed water , the vessel size , quantity of resin and daily water consumption , the regeneration period is determined.

5. Overall Service of the System

In dead and non working systems , an overall service is provided where the entire units are inspected part by part and necessary repairs , cleaning done for any blockages and leakages are taken care of. The complete piping and valves are checked to ensure the entire system is functioning smoothly.

6. Check Resin / Media efficacy

Where the system has not been put to use for a very long time or the effect of resin / media has dimnished , then we go in for a resin check to determine whether the same can be used or the resin has to be replaced.

7. Multiports / Butterfly Valves inspection

For any chokage or leakages so that they work smoothly

8. Relocation of System

In case of shifting of the main unit where the plant is installed , relocating the water system is done at a feasable place.

9. Media Replacement

In case the media is no more effective then the same needs to be changed

10. Activated Carbon Replacement

In case the activated carbon has stopped performing, then the same needs to be replaced either with granulated activated carbon or powdered activated carbon.